Group Lessons

Ski and Snowboard Lessons

Our group lessons provide a fun, safe, exciting environment for you and your child to learn to ski or snowboard.  The programs run near the SSNW lodge at Summit Central.  We offer sessions with 8 weeks of two-hour lessons especially geared toward your age and ability.  We work hard to keep the classes small to insure safety and enhance the learning experience. Our short gentle terrain, close to our meeting area, makes it easy for our beginning students to learn the basics of moving on the snow. During the two-hour class, students will explore the mountain, make new friends, play snow games, all while learning the basics of turning, riding the lifts, and navigating the snowy terrain.

  • Professionally trained instructors
  • Ideal learning terrain
  • 2-hour lessons
  • Programs for the whole family

Try Something New

Our group lessons are a great way for the whole family to enjoy the snow season. If you want to take lessons, group or one-on-one sessions are available. Or, if you would like to enjoy two hours of free skiing while your child is in class, rest assured they’ll be having as much fun as you. We will meet you at the meeting area after lessons. Then you can have fun trying to keep up with your kids.