What kind of equipment do I need?
–Ski or snowboard boots
–Snowboard or pair of skis
–Pair of poles for skiers

Often equipment (particularly rental equipment) look very similar to each other so we suggest you label yours with a piece of masking tape that has your name on it (on the top side of the skis).

Please also make sure you or your child is dressed appropriately:
–A waterproof ski coat and pants
–Base layers overtop (recommended not to wear cotton as it soaks up water)
Waterproof and lined mittens or gloves (a second pair suggested on wetter days)
–Ski socks

Please note that we ski in variable conditions throughout the winter, it may be snowing, raining and cold so please make sure to check the weather before each lesson and dress accordingly.

Do you rent equipment?
We do not, we recommend you google search your local ski shop for seasonal rentals. Support your local ski shop! We recommend you get a seasonal rental vs. just for the weekend. This way you can get fully fitted and be able to develop your skills on consistent gear.

We strongly suggest you rent equipment ASAP as they can sell out. You don’t want to be searching for equipment the first week of lessons.

Some rental shops we’ve worked with:
Ski Mart/Sturtevants in Bellevue
Gerk Sports in Issaquah
Evo at Snoqualmie Pass

We do not guarantee these shops will have rentals available at the time you call.

What if the mountain pass is closed due to inclement weather?
SSNW cancellations and announcements will be posted on our website.  Since we operate at a mountain pass, there could be days when the roads are closed. Please check road reports, weather reports and our website each week prior to driving up. You can also e-mail our Sunday Supervisor Amanda at sundaysnowsports@gmail.com.

For up-to-date reports, contact the Washington State Department of Transportation.
Call them at 5-1-1
Check their website
Check their Twitter account

The Summit at Snoqualmie also has an app you can download for real time conditions, webcams, and more: 


8-Week Group Lessons

Does SSNW make the 8-week program lesson groups or do I?
We do! Once sign ups close, we will assign groups based on age, ability level, and how long they’ve been riding.

Does my student need a seasons pass for the 8-week program?
Yes! All group lesson students must get a seasons pass prior to the first day of lessons. Day passes are limited and often sell out so we require all multi-week students purchase a seasons pass. When you sign up for the group lesson, we will send you a link to get your pass through the summit. Purchasing group lessons with us guarantees you will get a seasons pass, even if they sell out elsewhere.

Please note that when you buy a seasons pass, you are buying it from the Summit at Snoqualmie, not SSNW. If you have any issues getting a seasons pass, please contact the ski area.

Where are the lessons for the 8-week program?
The lessons just outside our private ski lodge at summit central. You can find directions here. PLEASE NOTE: We begin lessons at 9:30am so your student will need to be up the hill and at their class sign, dressed and ready to go by 9:15am (at the latest). Please allow time to park and walk from the parking lot up to the meeting area as the parking lot fills up very fast. Since our instructors take their classes all over the mountain, it is extremely hard to get latecomers to meet up with their class. Because of this late comers will unfortunately miss their class.

Can my student skip a class and make it up later?
Unfortunately we do not offer make up classes. We contract our instructors for the 8-week program and it would be extremely costly for us to offer each student a makeup class. You can however book an additional private lesson if you’d like to get them more instruction.

I have a young student, do I need to be with them during class?
We have actually found that students (especially the young ones) learn faster and have a better experience when their parents are not in eyesight. This allows them to focus on learning, build social skills and having fun with their peers. Please do not join your students class or be down in the playground area with them. For first time skier parents, you are welcome to watch on the second story deck of our lodge. Instructors are more than happy to give detailed progress reports and highlights at the end of each lesson when you meet your student back at their class sign.

Where can I go when my student is in class?
You have many options. The first and best one is, go skiing or riding yourself! If riding is not your thing, the first and second story of our SSNW lodge is open to parents during lessons. There is also many restaurants in the area. At summit Central base there is two restaurants. If you drive just west of summit Central there is Pie for the People, Commonwealth, the Pancake house + many others.

Private Lessons

Where do we meet for private lessons?
Once you book your private lesson, we will reach out to you to set a time and meeting location. Since our lodge is a ski-in-ski-out lodge up on the mountain, we typically meet our private lessons at the base of Summit Central or Summit West.

How long are the lessons?
Each private lesson is 2-hours long

Do you have any more questions? please feel free to e-mail us at:
sundaysnowsports@gmail.com or info@snowsportsnorthwest.com